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anticipates, anticipating, anticipation, beau, beaus, beloved, blacks, bonded, bonding, bought, boyfriend, boyfriends, business, buy, buyer, buyers, buying, buys, casual clothing, cheerful, cheerfulness, color, color image, colored, colors, colour, colours, commerce, commodities, commodity, consumerism, consumtion, couple, couple - relationship, couples, courted, courting, crisps, customer, customers, darling, darlings, dated, dating, delight, delighted, delights, eating, enjoy, enjoyed, enjoying, enjoyment, enjoys, expectation, expectations, fed, feed, feeding, feeds, food, food and drink, fun, girlfriend, girlfriends, glad, gladly, gladness, goods, gratified, groceries, grocery, grocery store, grocery stores, group, happiness, happy, hispanic, hispanics, horizontal, horizontally, horizontals, human, human being, humans, indoor, indoors, inside, jollies, joy, joyful, joyous, latin, latin american and hispanic ethnicity, latins, lifestyle, lifestyles, man, market, men, merchandise, merry, mid adult, mid adult men, mid adults, mid-adult man, morsel, morsels, mouth open, multiracial group, nurture, nurturing, open, partner, paying, people, person, photographic, photography, pleased, pleasure, potato chip, potato chips, purchase, purchased, purchases, purchasing, rack, racks, refreshment, relationship, relationships, religion, retail, retail business, retail businesses, retails, sale, selective focus, shop, shopping, shops, smile, smiles, smiling, snack, snacks, standing, stood, store, stores, supermarket, supermarkets, sweetheart, sweethearts, throw, throwing, thrown, throws, together, togetherness, tools, toothy smile, toss, tossed, tosses, tossing, truelove, trueloves, two, two people, twos, unhealthy, unhealthy eating, walkway, walkways, woman, women, woo, wooed, wooing, woos, young, young adult, young women, europe, germany, latin american, of african descent, western europe
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