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caring, casual clothing, check-up, checkup, checkups, cheerful, cheerfulness, child, children, clinic, clinics, close, closeness, color, color image, colored, colors, colour, colours, confidence, consideration, contact, copy space, delight, delighted, delights, elementary age, enjoyment, examination, examination table, examination tables, examinations, eye contact, faiths, familial, families, family, few, front view, front views, full body, full length, full-length, girl, girls, glad, gladly, gladness, gratified, groups, happiness, happy, health care, health-care, healthcare, healthcare and medicine, hope, hopeful, horizontal, horizontally, horizontals, human, human being, human relationship, humans, indoor, indoors, inside, jollied, jollies, jolly, joy, joyful, joyous, kid, kids, kin, kinfolk, lifestyle, lifestyles, lively, looking at camera, looking away, medical care, medical clinic, medical clinics, medical examination, medical science, medical sciences, medicine, merry, mischief, mischievious, mischievous, negative space, negative spaces, nursing, optimistic, people, person, photographic, photography, playful, playfulness, pleased, pleasure, portrait, portraits, portraiture, relatives, seated, sibling, siblings, sister, sisterly, sisters, sit, sits, sitting, smile, smiles, smiling, table, thoughtfulness, three, three people, three quarter length, three-quarter length, toothy smile, trust, trusted, trusts, vertical, whimsical, whimsy, white space, young, youngster, youngsters, europe, love - emotion, of african descent, scandinavia, sweden
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