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chat, chats, chatted, chatting, cheerful, cheerfulness, closeness, color, color image, colored, colors, colour, colours, communicate, communicated, communicates, communicating, communication, communications, companionship, comrade, comrades, conversation, conversations, converse, conversed, converses, conversing, day, daylight, daytime, delighted, dialog, dialogs, dialogue, dialogues, diversity, dock, enjoyment, equality, equivalence, few, five, five people, fives, free time, friend, friendliness, friends, friendship, friendships, girl, girls, glad, gladly, gladness, gratified, groups, hang out, hanging out, hanging out together, happiness, happy, hispanic, hispanics, human, human being, humans, integration, jetty, jollies, joy, joyful, joyous, juvenile, juveniles, kid, kids, latin, latin american and hispanic ethnicity, latins, laugh, laughed, laughing, laughingly, laughs, laughter, laughters, leisure, leisure time, levee, levees, lifestyle, lifestyles, merry, minor, minors, multi ethnic group, multi-ethnic group, outdoor, outdoors, outside, pal, pals, parity, person, photographic, photography, pier, piers, pleased, quay, quays, seated, selective focus, sit, sits, sitting, speak, speaking, speaks, spending time, spoken, talk, talked, talker, talkers, talking, talks, teen, teenage, teenage girl, teenage girls, teenager, teenagers, teens, together, togetherness, vertical, vertically, verticals, warm clothing, wharf, wharfs, wharves, whites, woman, women, young, young adult, young women, youngster, youngsters, youth, youthful, youthfulness, youths, europe, latin american, of african descent, scandinavia, sweden, western european
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