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brow hair, brown hair, brunette, brunettes, bungalow, cabin, cabins, calm, calmness, casual clothing, caucasian appearance, caucasian ethnicity, caucasians, chalet, cheering, cleaning, cleanse, cleansed, cleanses, cleansing, color, color image, colored, colors, colour, Coloured, colours, concentrating, concentration, conservatory - sun room, container, containers, cooking equipment, cooking pot, cookware, cottage, cottages, cuisine, day, daylight, daytime, dish, dish brush, dish brushes, dishes, do the dishes, doing the dishes, dusk, dusks, dwelling, dwellings, eveing, evening, evenings, everyday, exterior, faucet, faucets, flat, focus, focus on foreground, focused, focuses, focusing, focussed, focussing, food & drink, food and drink, foreground, forehead, free time, from the front, front view, front views, getaway, girl, girls, gray, gray color, half figur, half length, half-length, hand, held, hold, holding, holds, holiday, holidayed, holidaying, holidays, home, homes, horizontal, horizontally, horizontals, house, household work, houses, housework, housing, human, human being, human hand, human hands, humans, implement, implements, juniper tree, juvenile, juveniles, kettle, kettles, kid, kids, kitchen, kitchen sink, leisure, leisure acitivity, leisure activities, leisure activity, leisure time, lifestyle, lifestyles, living, lodge, lodges, looking, medium length hair, medium-length hair, minor, minors, one, one person, outdoor, outdoors, outside, pacific, peace, people, person, persons, photo, photographic, photographing, photography, porch, porches, pot, pots, residence, residences, running water, season, serene, serenity, sink, sinks, smile, smiles, smiling, spare time, stew, summer, summer cottage, summer house, summer houses, summers, summertime, summery, sun, sunbeam, sunlight, sunny, sunshine, sunshines, tap, taps, teen, teenage, teenage girl, teenage girls, teenager, teenagers, teens, toothy smile, tranquil, tranquility, tree, utensil, utensils, vacation, vacationing, vacations, waist up, waist-up, wash, wash up, washed, washes, washing, washing dishes, watching, water, waters, weekend, weekend activities, weekend activity, whites, wood, young, youngster, youngsters, youth, youthful, youthfulness, youths, europe, outdoor kitchen, scandinavia, stockholm archipelago, sweden, western european, wood - material
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