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  • Photographer: Maskot
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  • Location: Sweden,
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arms outstretched, assist, assistance, assistances, assisted, assisting, assists, baby girl, baby girls, bonded, bonding, caucasian appearance, caucasian ethnicity, caucasians, child, childhood, children, clear sky, clothes, clothing, color, color image, colored, colors, colour, Coloured, colours, commitment, connector, consort, copy space, dark, darkness, daughter, daughters, dedicate, dedicated, dedicates, dedicating, dedication, development, dusk, eveing, evening, evenings, exercise, exercise clothing, exercised, exercises, exercising, family, family with one child, fifty, fitness training, from the front, front view, front views, full body, full length, full-length, garment, garments, girl, girls, grass, grass area, grass areas, grasses, grassy, green, green color, grow, growing, grows, growth, hand in hand, healthy, healthy lifestyle, healthy lifestyles, healthy living, help, helping, horizontal, horizontally, horizontals, human, human being, humans, kid, kids, kin, kinfolk, kinfolks, lady, legs apart, lifestyle, lifestyles, mama, mamas, mature adult, mature women, mid adult, mid life, middle age, middle aged, middle-age, middle-aged, mom, moms, mother, motherhood, mothering, mothers, natural, nature, negative space, negative spaces, night, nightfall, nighttime, nite, nites, one parent, one parent family, outdoor, outdoors, outside, outstretched arms, parent, parents, people, person, persons, photo, photographic, photographing, photography, plant, Plants, practice, practiced, practices, practicing, practise, practised, practises, practising, pre-adolescent, pre-adolescent child, pre-adolescent children, pre-teen, public park, rehearsal, rehearsals, rehearse, rehearsed, rehearses, rehearsing, relationship, relative, relatives, setting sun, setting suns, single mother, skies, sky, sport clothes, sports clothing, sportswear, standing, stood, sun, sun set, sundown, sunlight, sunset, sunsets, together, togetherness, twilight, two, two people, twos, vegetation, well-being, wellbeing, white space, whites, woman, young, youngster, youngsters, europe, ma, malmo, osorterade, scandinavia, skane, sweden, western european
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