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affection, affectionate, affections, apparel, back view, beginning, beginnings, body-art, body-arts, bridal, bridal couple, bride, brides, buddies, buddy, business attire, business suit, business suits, caring, caucasian appearance, caucasian ethnicity, caucasians, celebrate, celebrated, celebrates, celebrating, celebration, celebration event, celebrations, ceremony, cheerful, cheerfulness, cherish, cherished, cherishing, civil partnership, clergyman, clergymen, cleric, clerics, close, close- up, closeness, clothes, clothing, color, color image, colored, colors, colour, Coloured, colours, companionship, comrade, comrades, connector, consideration, contact, couple, couple - relationship, couples, curate, curates, day, daylight, daytime, delighted, diversity, dress, elderly, emotion, enjoy, enjoyment, event, events, events in life, excited, festivities, festivity, few, five, five people, fives, focus in foreground, focus on foreground, fondness, foreground, friend, friendliness, Friendly, friendship, friendships, from the front, front, front view, front views, garment, garments, gay, gay rights, gays, genesis, glad, gladly, gladness, gown, gowns, gratified, group, groups, hand in hand, happiness, happy, headshot, hold, holding hands, homosexual, homosexual couple, homosexual couples, horizontal, horizontally, horizontals, human, human being, humans, in front, in front of, inception, inceptions, integration, jollies, joy, joyful, joyous, kiss, kisser, kisses, kissing, lady, laughing, lesbian, lesbians, life, life event, life events, lifestyle, lifestyles, looking over shoulder, love, loves, loving, madam, madams, male, males, man, marriage, marriage equality, married, marries, marry, marrying, men, merry, mid adult, mid adult men, mid adult women, mid adults, mid-adult woman, minister, ministries, ministry, mixed race people, mixed race person, multi ethnic group, multi-ethnic group, multi-racial, newly wed, newlywed, newlyweds, nuptials, old ladies, origin, origins, outdoor, outdoors, outside, over the shoulder view, pal, pals, paper, papers, partnership, pastor, people, person, persons, photographic, photographing, photography, pleased, preacher, preachers, priest, priests, real people, rear view, religion, reverend, reverends, selective focus, senior adult, senior adults, senior women, sixties, sixty, smile, smiles, smiling, smooch, smooches, smooching, spouse, spouses, stair, stairs, standing, steps, stood, suit, suited, suits, tattoo, tattooed, tattooing, tattoos, tenderness, thoughtfulness, three, three people, three quarter length, three-quarter length, together, togetherness, toothy smile, uniting, vicar, vicars, wed, wedded, wedding, wedding ceremony, wedding couple, wedding couples, wedding day, wedding dress, wedding dresses, wedding gown, wedding gowns, wedding guest, wedding guests, wedding officiant, wedding officiants, weddings, weds, well-dressed, whites, wife, woman, women, young, young adult, young men, young women, europe, homosexuals, scandinavia, stockholm, sweden, western european
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