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  • Photographer: Maskot
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  • Location: Sweden,
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built structure, bush, casual clothing, caucasian appearance, caucasian ethnicity, caucasians, cheerful, cheerfulness, cheering, cherish, cherished, cherishing, clothes, clothing, coat, color, color image, colored, colors, colour, Coloured, colours, connector, consort, couple, court shoes, culture and entertainment, darling, darlings, day, daylight, daytime, delighted, door, doors, doorway, elation, embrace, embracing, emotion, enjoyment, entrance, entrances, entries, entry, excited, exterior, eyeglasses, eyewear, flat, focus in foreground, focus on foreground, fondness, footwear, foreground, from the front, front view, front views, full body, full length, full-length, garment, garments, gay, gays, girl friends, girlfriend, girlfriends, glad, gladly, gladness, gratified, green, green color, hand in hand, happiness, happy, hedge, hedgerow, hedges, hispanic, hispanics, home, homes, homosexual, house, houses, housing, hug, hugging, human, human being, humans, jollies, joy, joyful, joyous, kagoul, lady, latin, latin american and hispanic, latin american and hispanic ethnicity, latins, lesbian, lesbians, lifestyle, lifestyles, love, loves, loving, merry, mid adult, mid adult woman, mid adult women, mid adults, mid-adult woman, middle-aged, middleaged, natural, nature, new resident, outdoor, outdoors, outerwear, outside, partner, people, person, persons, photo, photographic, photographing, photography, plant, pleased, portal, portals, portrait, portraits, portraiture, rain, rain cloud, rain-gear, raincoat, raincoats, rainy season, red, red color, reds, relation, relationship, residence, residences, season, seasons, shoe, shoes, shrub, smile, smiles, smiling, spectacles, standing, stood, sweetheart, sweethearts, tenderness, together, togetherness, toothy smile, two, two people, twos, vegetation, vertical, vertically, verticals, water-proof, waterproof, whites, window, windows, woman, women, yellow, yellow color, yellows, homosexuals, latin american, western european
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