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  • Photographer: Maskot
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  • Location: Sweden,
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back pack, back view, back-lit, back-pack, back-packs, backlight, backlit, backpack, backpacks, bag, banister, bar, barrier, beam, berries, berry, berry fruit, bridge, brook, brooks, building, building exterior, carefree, carried, carries, carry, carrying, case, caucasian appearance, caucasian ethnicity, caucasians, cheerful, cheerfulness, cherish, cherished, cherishing, cities, city, city life, citylife, clear sky, cloudless, color, color image, colored, colors, colour, Coloured, colours, connect, connected, connecting, connection, connects, connexion, connexions, copy space, creating, day, daylight, daytime, desire, discover, discovered, discovering, discovers, emotion, exploration, explore, explore the city, explored, explores, exploring, exterior, female traveler, female traveller, figures, fondness, free time, girl, hand, heart shape, heart shaped, hold, holding, holiday, holiday maker, holidayed, holidaying, holidays, horizontal, horizontally, horizontals, human, human being, human hand, human hands, humans, Independence, independent, join, joined, journey, juniper tree, lady, leisure, leisure acitivity, leisure activities, leisure activity, leisure time, lifestyle, lifestyles, love, loves, loving, made, make, makes, making, metropolitan, negative space, negative spaces, one, one person, outdoor, outdoors, outside, passenger, people, person, persons, photo, photographic, photographing, photography, producing, production, rail, railing, railings, rails, raised, raising, ray, rays, rear view, river, rivers, rucksack, rucksacks, sightseeing, sightseer, sightseers, sky, solo female travel, solo female traveler, solo female travelers, solo female traveller, solo female travellers, spare time, standing, stood, sun, sunbeam, sunbeams, sunlight, sunny, sunshine, sunshines, symbol, symbolic, symbolically, symbols, three quarter length, three quarters length, three-quarter length, tour, toured, touring, tourism, tourist, tourists, tours, travel, traveler, travelers, traveling solo, traveller, unconcerned, up, urban, vacation, vacationing, vacations, visiting, wanderlust, water, waters, waterway, white space, whites, woman, women, wonderlust, young, young adult, young women, bridge - man made structure, the sun, western european
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