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automobile, autos, baby boy, back light, back lit, back-lit, backlight, backlit, bicycle, bicycles, bike, bikes, bonded, bonding, boy, boys, buddies, buddy, car, cars, casual clothing, caucasian appearance, caucasian ethnicity, caucasians, cities, city, city life, city street, citylife, color, color image, colored, colors, colour, Coloured, colours, communicate, communicated, communicates, communicating, communication, communications, companionship, comrade, comrades, connector, consort, conveyance means, conveying, curvature, curvatures, curve, curves, cycle, cycles, day, daylight, daytime, enjoy, enjoyed, enjoying, enjoyment, enjoys, few, four, four people, free time, friend, friendliness, Friendly, friends, friendship, friendships, from the front, front view, front views, full body, full length, full-length, fun, group, group of people, groups, hand in hand, hang out, hanging, hanging out, hanging out together, high school student, high school students, hispanic, hispanics, horizontal, horizontally, horizontals, human, human being, humans, indoor, indoors, inside, instruction, intercourse, juvenile, juveniles, kid, kids, knowledge, land vehicle, latin, latin american and hispanic, latin american and hispanic ethnicity, latins, learn, learned, learning, learns, learnt, leisure, leisure acitivity, leisure activity, leisure time, lifestyle, lifestyles, mate, mates, metropolitan, Middle eastern, middle eastern ethnicity, middle easterners, minor, minors, mixed race people, mixed race person, mode of transport, motorcar, motorcars, multi ethnic group, multi-ethnic group, multi-racial, pal, pals, passenger car, passenger cars, passenger vehicle, passenger vehicles, people, person, persons, photo, photographic, photographing, photography, promenades, road, road tunnel, roadways, side by side, spending time, stationary, street, streets, take a walk, taking a walk, teen, teenage, teenage boy, teenage boys, teenage girl, teenage girls, teenager, teenagers, teens, together, togetherness, transit, transport, transportation, transporting, transports, tree, trees, tunnel, tunnels, tutoring, urban, vehicle, vehicles, velocipede, velocipedes, walk, walking, walks, whites, young, youngster, youngsters, youth, youthful, youthfulness, youths, europe, island of sodermalm, latin american, scandinavia, scandinavian countries, sodermalm, stockholm, sweden, the way forward, western european
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