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To be able to buy images, you have to log in. If you don´t have a password, sign up as a Folio client at the top right of this page. When you have registered as a client, you will receive a user name and password sent to the email address you have provided. Use the information to log in.

Choose an image and put in (click on ) the shopping cart. The shopping cart is at the bottom right corner and on “my pages”.

  • In the shopping cart you fill in the how image is to be used and receive a price.
  • Choose your method of payment: Invoice or credit card. If you choose to pay by invoice, a confirmation from Folio is required the first time and we will email it to you within a maximum of one hour during business hours. Here you also fill in your company- and address information. Choose to save this information so that it remains for future purchases. Before the purchase is confirmed, you must agree to Folio´s terms.
  • Your order is displayed and you can choose to confirm or cancel the purchase.
  • The images are available on My Pages / Purchase History/order history.

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