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2020-01-15 Folio + Mostphotos = True

Folio and Mostphotos have joined their forces to become a stronger Scandinavian agency. During the years Folio´s focus has been premium images while Mostphotos has focused on quantity/price. Now our customers have an option for two different styles.

2015-09-17 Höstsalongen at Fotografiska Museet

We’re proud to announce that our CEO, Susanne Grönroos has just taken part in this year’s autumn exhibition at Fotografiska, Stockholm’s dedicated photography museum. 2304 photographers submitted images to be considered for the exhibition with the jury eventually deciding on 24 exhibitors. Each member of the Jury was allowed to include a photographer that hadn’t initially submitted images to the exhibition, Susanne choose Emilia Bergmark-Jimenez.

2015-08-01 New Partner: Astrakan

Astrakan is the name of an image collection produced by the photography bureau Apelöga. The Malmö based bureau produce Swedish royalty free images in a young, modern style and with global appeal. Astrakan quickly grabbed peoples’ attention within the stock photography world and Apelöga’s attractive image collection continues to grow.

2015-04-01 New office for Folio

We have moved into new offices in TG8, a newly renovated office complex on Tegnérgatan. We are already feeling at home high up above Stockholm’s rooftops. You are welcome to drop by for a coffee!

2015-04-01 New Customer: The Swedish Government

We are extremely proud that after a lot of hard work and amongst fierce competition we have won a prestigious contract to be the primary image supplier to the Swedish Government Offices. Our images were felt to have an authentic feel and also touched on important themes required by the customer such as integration, cultural diversity and gender equality.

2014-01-24 World Press Photo

We are proud to inform you that our CEO Susanne Grönroos has been invited to be part of the jury at World Press Photo 2014 in Finland.

2012-09-06 STHLM DE LUXE

During STHLM DE Luxe from 8th of September to 21th of October 2012 on Sturegallerian in Stockholm we are invited to exhibit photographs. Welcome along and enjoy a beautiful choice of our stock photography.

2011-10-17 Folio is now offering its own RF images

Many of your customers have wanted Folio to offer their own royalty-free images. We can now announce that we on the website now presents Folio first royalty-free images. RF images photographed by Folio creative photographers with a distinct Scandinavian appropriation.

2011-07-08 Folio provides RF

We are now able to offer royalty-free images at Folio website when we initiated a collaboration with Maskot picture agency. With the Scandinavian imagery in focus Mascot managed to build a strong image collection of royalty-free images that we are delighted to now offer our clients.

2011-07-08 New partner: Maskot

We can now offer premium quality royalty free images from Maskot Images, they are currently the leading producer of royalty free images in Sweden and their pictures have an evident Scandinavian feel. They shoot authentic and natural images of people both at work and play with an emphasis on togetherness and communication. Together with our own collection the addition of Maskot’s images offer our customers a complete platform.

2010-07-06 Folio acquires Gorilla

The creative Finnish photo agency Gorilla is now part of Folio. It means we will soon be able to offer the Swedish market all of Gorillas great images. Gorilla has in its collection about 15 000 photos which will be a great addition to the Folio archives. With the acquisition of Gorilla and the new office in Helsinki Folio will also be a more evident player on the Finnish market.

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