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Folio has quickly established itself as a strong player on the Swedish market for stock photography. Folio Images has been in its current form of ownership and profile since 2003 and has carefully built up a high quality Scandinavian archive over the years.

Our collections

Folio collection has 92 photographers. Many of them are either among the most established in Swedish photography, or young and promising in their genre in which lifestyle, documentary photography, nature, still life and fashion are represented. A photographic diversity that is clearly reflected in the collection.

Briljans collection consists of 16 photographers. Photographic quality and experience are the foundation of Briljans photography. Briljans collection offers high quality images with a classic imagery where the main focus is Scandinavian archipelago, mountains and countryside.

Folio Images has 25 finish photographers in its collection and offers creative and high quality photography. Images that are deliberately produced to be saleable in a commercial market but that have managed to maintain a strong artistic integrity. Folio Images have spread far beyond the borders of Finland. Many of Finland’s most recognized photographers are included in the Folio Images collection.

There are currently 130 975 photos in the Folio Images archives and the number increases with hundreds of pictures every week.


Internationally Folio’s images are sold in 26 countries with the help of many partners and their sales offices around the world.

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