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Shooting Style

Have you a distinctive photographic style and will take on the challenge of shooting our top selling themes? You have the chance to work independently whilst we see that your images sell both on our market and internationally.

Driving force

Have you the drive to develop as a stock photographer? We expect our photographers to be driven and self starting and to deliver images regularly and continuously.


You prioritise quality as much as we do. You need a full frame DSLR and have equal mastery of both traditional camera skills and post production techniques in Photoshop. If you are interested in being a Folio photographer send us 20 low res images as an example of what you could deliver.

Who are you?

Tell us about your background and photographic practice. Tell us why you’re interested in working with us and what can you offer us? What can you shoot for us? Send us links to your online photographic prescence, your homepage and instagram account. instagram account.

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