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When we started Folio in 2003 the driving force was passion towards photography. We wanted to open an agency that could compete against the leading ones. Our main focus was quality and not quantity. We had a clear concept, to produce and sell images that have a trustworthy and genuine feeling. Today Folio is one of the largest agencies in the country with a strong position in the world market. If we only had seen that the day we started Folio in 2003, sketching our lo in a tiny basement office in the heart of Stockholm.

We believe in dynamics. We are close to the product as everyone at Folio has a background within photography. Passion towards photography was the starting force back in the day and that same thing is still the backbone of our business. We live and breathe photography.

We believe in inspiration. We are always insightful of the newest trends and follow the world market closely to be sure that we can deliver what our clients need. Our biggest inspiration for our photo productions is however life around us, the true stories.

We believe in flexibility. Our combined knowledge and experience within the industry gives us a strong platform to work from. At Folio we have always believed in customer service and take pride and joy to be the best in our field. We always do our best to solve all your image needs.

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