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When the creative and technical quality of an image makes it stand out, we are talking about premium images. These are images that are created to meet the market with well-thought-out image ideas. If we add experienced photographers and professional camera equipment, you can feel confident that the images in our image bank are suitable for your use.



We are a Swedish photo agency where most of our images in our image archive are photographed in Sweden. We also have with our Norwegian and Finnish photographers a large image material photographed in Norway and Finland, which makes us a strongly profiled Nordic picture agency. Our photographers like to travel, which means that we not only have Nordic images but also images from other places in the world.



Being in the present with our images is a matter of course for us. What feels important today? What are we discussing right now? Who do we want to portray these situations? By credibly depicting current motifs and themes in our images, we give you as a buyer the conditions to be able to be contemporary in your presentation.



At the heart of Folio is our passion for photography. A passion that not only manifests itself in the images in our archive but also in our service. We are happy to talk pictures with you as a customer and can help you with your projects. During an image consultation, we always go the extra mile because every chance we get to talk about images and dig into the archive makes us genuinely happy.

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