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Our images don't just exist—they captivate. Every shot embodies both artistry and precision, tailored to resonate with market trends. Our images are designed to inspire. And with seasoned photographers behind the lens, equipped with cutting-edge gear, you can trust our image bank to elevate your campaign.



Based in Sweden, our photo agency embodies Nordic roots. Our curated collection highlights Swedish beauty, but with photographers exploring Norway and Finland, our Nordic profile stands strong.While our roots are Nordic, our photographers' passion for travel ensures a diverse portfolio with images from around the globe.



We're dialed into the pulse of today. What's making waves? What conversations are taking center stage? Our curated collection is on-point, spotlighting the trends and themes that matter most. For those in the know, seeking standout imagery for contemporary campaigns, we've got your back.



At the heart of Folio is our love for photography, reflected in both our curated shots within our archive and our dedicated service. Let's explore visual storytelling together. In our image consultations, we always go the extra mile — because every deep dive into our archive is a thrilling journey for us.

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